• automating processes

  • About ulamZ

    ulamZ is a venture building company part of the ulam.ai Group.


    The goal of ulamZ is to automate processes across sectors and industries.


    Our offer is to perform a simple 3-month pilot introducing AI automation to your company.

    Opportunity for your company

    Every corporation is crippled by mundane tasks which involve countless hours, numerous people and huge amounts of paperwork.


    Artificial Intelligence allows to reduce months to seconds and millions to cents. It can also allow you to take advantage of huge amounts of unused data and increase your up-sell.

  • Our process

    3 months

    it's all it takes your company to introduce AI



    We start by understanding your company better and establishing what processes need automation.

    Weeks 1-2.


    Feasibility & KPIs

    We determine how AI can help you solve this problem and establish KPIs for our cooperation.

    Weeks 2-3.



    We provide you with a first prototype early on to start getting your feedback and reiterate as we go.

    Week 5.


    Final product

    At the end, after all reiterations we provide you with a final version of our product.

    Week 12.

  • Retail

    • security management
    • predicting customer lifetime value
    • consumer behaviour analysis
    • automating store check-out


    • KYC
    • fraud prevention
    • up-selling and cross-selling
    • automating customer service


    • automated medical diagnosis
    • preventing illness
    • managing hospital resources
    • tracking patient history
    • image recognition of illnesses


    • visual quality control
    • machine maintenance
    • warehouse management
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